Browse resources that help job seekers and learners navigate the job market effectively, overcome employment barriers, and achieve job offers more quickly.

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Job Search Inventories

Available in print and online, our inventories help individuals quickly identify their employment barriers, connect their skills to jobs, and implement strategies to achieve their job search and career goals.

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Job Search Workbooks and Booklets

Packed with information, activities, tips, and exercises, JIST's workbooks and booklets help individuals develop job search skills, write resumes and cover letters, ace interviews, follow-up with employers, and more.

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Job Search Videos

Ideal for workshops, classes, or as resources individuals can view online at their own convenience, JIST's videos provide engaging guidance and information about how to successfully navigate today's job market.

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We've curated several packages containing a variety of job search resources that work well together. With these tools, you can assess and advise individuals quickly, efficiently, and affordably.