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Our Vision

Paradigm is committed to creating inclusive solutions that remove limitations and allow a diverse set of learners to achieve educational and life skills in a fair and equal way.

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Comprehensive Instructor Support

Comprehensive Support

Whether you’re teaching in-person or online or helping individuals achieve their employment goals, we’re here to ensure you have the tools, training, and support needed to use our solutions effectively and efficiently.

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Explore Our Learning Environment

Accessible from PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks, Cirrus seamlessly delivers complete training and assessment for developing skills in Microsoft Office, computer concepts, pharmacy tech, and electronic health records. Learners can access everything they need in a cloud-based environment anytime, anywhere. No installations required!

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Southern Ohio Technical Institute

Praise for Cirrus 2.0

"Having worked with Paradigm products for over a decade, from SNAP to Cirrus, and now Cirrus 2.0, I can confidently say that Cirrus 2.0 is a remarkable online platform. As an educator, preparation is key, and having a platform that is reliable and efficient is invaluable. Paradigm has clearly listened to customer feedback and made the necessary updates and improvements. This gives me the confidence that my students will be engaged, meet their learning objectives, and benefit from a platform that has been thoroughly tested. I highly recommend CIRRUS 2.0 to any educator looking for a seamless education delivery platform."

Aaron Mamas, Director of Technical Services
Southern Ohio Technical Institute

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Student Support

Looking for student support? Click our blue chat icon Chat Icon - Small.png at the bottom right of your screen for the fastest assistance.