Elevating Student Success and Instructor Efficiency

Cirrus is Paradigm's next-generation learning solution for developing students' skills in Microsoft® Office, computer concepts, health careers, accounting, and career readiness. Cirrus seamlessly delivers complete course content in a cloud-based learning environment that puts students on the fast-track to success on the first day of class and beyond.

Rising above status quo training and assessment platforms, Cirrus delivers a personalized digital learning experience, providing a suite of tools to help students develop skills mastery.

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Ensure All Students Are Ready for Day One

With Cirrus, students can quickly and easily access complete course content in a cloud-based environment. No installations, delays, or disruptions before the first day of class and beyond.

Cirrus content is platform independent, ensuring that students experience the same learning environment whether they are using PCs, Macs, or Chromebook computers.

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Foster Self-Sufficient Learners

New video demonstrations show students exactly how to perform chapter activities successfully.

Immediate personalized feedback allows students to pinpoint errors they make and understand how to self-correct those errors before veering too far off track from achieving learning objectives.

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View Students' Progress

Cirrus tracks students' step-by-step interactions, giving instructors visibility into students' progress and missteps.

With Exam Watch, instructors can remotely share in a virtual, live, skills-based exam with students—a helpful option for struggling students who need one-to-one coaching or distance learners.

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Experience Exceptional Support for Students and Instructors

At Paradigm, we are committed to providing instructors and students with unparalleled technical support. We also provide onboarding preparation, training, and professional development resources to help instructors set up a Cirrus course and customize it to suit their needs. We are also available to be on campus or on a webinar to provide additional training and assist with any questions.