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Good First Impressions

Good First Impressions: Proven Tips and Techniques for Successful Job Interviews


Edition: 1

Copyright: 2011

Approximate Run Time: 35 minutes

Most employers form an impression of a job seeker in the first few seconds of the interview. If that impression is negative, few job seekers are able to change the employer's mind.


Armed with the guidance in this DVD, job seekers won't have to worry about recovering from a bad first impression. They'll know just what it takes to make a great impression right from the get-go.


This DVD teaches viewers about the importance of appearance, confidence, maturity, emotional stability, and enthusiasm, and reveals how to improve upon these areas before an interview. The video also covers interview taboos, such as being late, answering cell phones, and revealing tattoos. Group interviews, bad interviewers, and phone interviews will also be covered.


The program offers scenarios of interviews in action and includes the insights of job search experts and employers. Convenient pause points let instructors stop the program for discussion.


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ISBN: 9781593578947


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