About the Workbook

Author: John J. Liptak, EdD
© 2025

We've expanded one of our best-selling inventories into a comprehensive workbook so you get the best of both worlds. Keep the assessments and dive deeper into discovering untapped strengths, finding a job that resonates, and implementing your career goals.

The Transitioning to Work workbook provides a framework for learners to understand their current transition point and how to move forward to work. Using the Hope-Based Resilience model, hands-on activities, and detailed assessments, learners will explore career possibilities and build a plan for success.

Look for these enhanced features:

  • Additional resources for exploring occupations
  • Recognition of the gig economy and new career pathways
  • SMART goals to assist with more focused transition strategies
  • And more!


Chapter 1: Making Sense of Your Transition to Work

Chapter 2: Career Interests and Options

Chapter 3: Research and Decision-Making

Chapter 4: My Career Plan

Chapter 5: Strategies to Transition to a Job

Chapter 6: Strategies to Transition to Paid Gigs

Chapter 7: Strategy to Transition to Educational Opportunities

Chapter 8: Your Final Career Plan


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Instructor Support

Access a free digital copy of Transitioning to Work Instructor Resources to support your program's success. These resources follow the chapter structure of the workbook, providing tips, group activities, and journaling questions to ensure learners understand the material presented.