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Soft Skills Solutions, Second Edition: Step Up Your Game! Innovation & Creative Problem Solving

Soft Skills Solutions, Second Edition: Step Up Your Game! Innovation & Creative Problem Solving


Edition: 2

Copyright: 2021

This updated and enhanced series of books provides guidance, self-assessments, and practice opportunities to help job seekers and learners develop these essential skills. Educators, workforce practitioners, and counselors have flexibility to use the complete series to provide comprehensive coverage or individual books to focus on specific soft skills.


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Ann Cross has been recognized as one of the 2,000 most influential women in business for her progressive work in sales effectiveness. She has consulted with national and international companies such as Ford Motor Company, Maytag, Sears, and General Motors. Recently, Cross was the National Director of Career Services for a large college with multiple locations. Her innovative programs led to the recognition of her college as an industry leader in student placement outcomes.

Cross and Martha Lanaghen have worked as professionals in the career services field for more than a combined 30 years. In that time, they have consistently heard from employers across the nation that new hires possess academic knowledge and technical expertise but lack emotional intelligence and professionalism skills. For that reason, Cross and Lanaghen have implemented dozens of training programs for colleges, universities, and corporations to teach individuals desired employability skills such as professional communications and behaviors, problem solving, time management, and teamwork.

According to Cross and Lanaghen, the acquisition of these skills improves individuals’ ability to find a job and to keep that position.


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