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About the Courseware

Copyright: 2020 | Pages: 250

Authors: Mark Brunton, MSHE, CPhT, with Ann Cross and Martha Lanaghen

Like other employers, pharmacy preceptors and supervisors observe a growing trend among externs and entry-level employees. These individuals possess academic knowledge and training but often lack the necessary soft skills, or employability skills, to help them become successful employees valued by patients, colleagues, and supervisors.

Such soft skills include the ability to communicate effectively, think critically, and manage time successfully. These professional competencies must be taught as part of a complete pharmacy technician program.

Paradigm's new courseware, Career Readiness & Externships: Soft Skills for Pharmacy Technicians, introduces and reinforces the professional habits and soft skills required to bridge the gap between formal education and employment. This courseware provides a unique pharmacy technician perspective on traditional soft skills and career preparation activities.

Career Readiness & Externships is integrated in Cirrus, a cloud-based learning environment designed to elevate student success and improve instructor efficiency.

Each module of the courseware addresses one of nine competencies that support the success of pharmacy technicians:

Module 1: Time Management

Module 2: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Module 3: Professional Appearance

Module 4: Professional Behavior

Module 5: Professional Communications

Module 6: Multicultural Awareness & Cultural Competency

Module 7: Law & Ethics

Module 8: Externship Preparation & Practice

Module 9: Career Readiness, Planning, & Management

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Key Features and Benefits

Key Features

  • Provides online activities and self-assessment opportunities in the cloud-based Cirrus platform
  • Aligns with career-readiness competencies outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)
  • Provides coverage of soft skills that are integrated into ASHP's Model Curriculum and ASHP/ACPE model curriculum
  • Offers instructors flexibility to use the content as a stand-alone externship preparation course, as an element that could be divided up and integrated throughout a pharmacy technician program, or as a self-assessment resource for students
  • Instructor resources include additional externship-specific resources for students, preceptors, and instructors

Cirrus™ 2.0 for Career Readiness & Externships

Career Readiness & Externships, powered by the Cirrus platform, integrates seamlessly with Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, and Moodle.

To strengthen student understanding, Cirrus provides interactive, independent learning experiences, including:

  • self-assessment quizzes and evaluation opportunities
  • critical-thinking, application, and research activities

New Watch and Learn Lessons include video and text to help students comprehend concepts or develop skills. Course content is delivered in a series of scheduled assignments that report to a grade book, thus tracking student progress and achievement.

PTCE Exam Review from PharmCon freeCE

Access to PTCE Exam Review from PharmCon freeCE

Included with all of Paradigm’s Pharmacy Technician titles, this tool generates personalized study plans based on each student’s individual strengths and knowledge gaps. The PTCE Exam Review from PharmCon freeCE helps students identify the fastest path to a passing score and even indicates when they are ready to pass—taking the guesswork out of PTCE study.

PTCE Exam Review from PharmCon freeCE features:

  •  Optimized PTCE-aligned content
  •  Award-winning adaptive learning technology
  •  ReadySCORE proprietary exam readiness indicator
  •  700+ multiple-choice questions
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Instructor Resources in Cirrus

Instructor Resources

Utilize our free instructor resources that include:

  • course-planning and delivery suggestions
  • syllabus models
  • teaching hints and activities
  • instructor rubrics
  • handouts
  • and more!