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"Comprehensive, Seamless Cloud-based Learning"

I love that Cirrus allows learners to begin their path to achieving the course learning outcomes on the first day of class. The comprehensive, seamless cloud-based learning environment allows learners to immediately begin learning Office application features and functions without downloading software or working in a campus lab classroom.

The Cirrus Watch and Learn videos show learners how to perform Office application features and functions. The Cirrus practice exercises, skills checks, and project exams provide immediate feedback allowing learners to immediately identify their errors without waiting for instructor feedback - fostering independent learning and critical thinking skills.

The Cirrus LMS learning materials, activities, and assessments save instructors significant time by eliminating the need to create and assess them.

Kim Hunter, MBA, Associate Professor,
Clermont-Business App Tech

University of Cincinnati Clermont College

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Remote Teaching with Cirrus During the Pandemic

"The Paradigm team and the Cirrus platform for my students has made the transition to online classes for the remainder of spring 2020 much easier as they were already accustomed to working with it! While we all missed our face-to-face interactions, the instructor resources provided me a lot of materials to aid in teaching the learning objectives for each chapter. My students are still performing well and I appreciate the help from your team!"

—Dr. Linda Wyatt, Adjunct Instructor, Northeast State Community College, Tennessee

"Cirrus helped ensure MS Office education continued virtually uninterrupted. Installation of Office or other software was not required on home computers as Office is provided via the Cirrus VDI. There was no need to worry about Office version conflicts that might confuse students as they work independently."

—Professor Anita Verno, Bergen Community College, New Jersey

"Once I found out I had to convert several of my classes to an online format, I spent the majority of my time working on them. I am so grateful that I am using Cirrus for the rest of my online classes. They have been running smoothly and with no concerns. This has provided me peace of mind that students are able to complete their work at home whether they are using a PC, a Mac, or a Chromebook. Thank you to everyone on the Cirrus team including my sales team, onboarding, and tech support. I truly appreciate the work you do!"

—Diane L. Smith, EdD, Instructor, Henry Ford College, Michigan

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See What Educators Love About Cirrus

"Every student learns differently, and I think Cirrus gives each student the opportunity to excel. I can think of specific students that may have trouble keeping up with a classroom discussion or understanding the chapter in an online course, but after completing the different activities, they have mastered the skills."

—Karla Brown, Southwestern Illinois College, Illinois

"The transition from SNAP 2016 to Cirrus went very smoothly for me. Not having to download software was a huge plus, especially for online students. The improvements from SNAP 2016 are fantastic, making Cirrus even more user friendly for students and instructors."

—Lesley Bowick, Athens Technical College, Georgia

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More Reasons Educators Love Cirrus

We asked instructors to tell us what their favorite feature of Cirrus is. Here are a few examples of the feedback they shared. 

"I love the organization of Cirrus and also the large selection of opportunities to present to students."

—Wanda Stuparits, Lanier Technical College, Georgia

"Exercises that walk students through completing the tasks. I have taught this course face-to-face and fully online. The online students sometimes struggle with tasks. Having the activities that walk the students through the tasks is great!"

—Amanda Webster, Weber State University, Virginia

"Instant feedback. Students retain better when they can see what they did wrong and immediately correct."

—Kathy Coleman, Chattahoochee Technical College, Georgia

"The items are auto graded which gives us more consistency in grading and more time to address student concerns."

—Joan Johnson, Lake-Sumter State College, Florida

"Tutorials, skills check, concept check, as well as the unit performance assessment. Students are able to understand much quicker as they perform each task."

—Bobby Sutton, Atlanta Technical College, Georgia