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About the Inventory

Author: Robert P. Brady, EdD
© 2020

Now there is an easy way for people with limited reading ability or special needs to explore their career interests and find a job that fits their personality.

This inventory provides a quick way for people to identify occupational interests by using pictures of people at work rather than text-based descriptions. Test takers are presented with 36 question items consisting of three pictures each and then must choose which of the three portrayed work environments seems most interesting. Based on the pictures selected, the Picture Interest Career Survey creates a profile of the individual that leads directly to career information and potential job matches.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Being picture-based and easy to use, this inventory is the perfect resource for individuals who might struggle with more traditional, text-based career inventories, including:
    • Individuals with limited familiarity with English.
    • Individuals who are developmentally delayed or have a learning disability.
    • Individuals with limited access to education.
    • Individuals who are chronically unemployed.
  • Uses the RIASEC occupational coding system. The people, data, things, and ideas interest categories and work tasks are also represented. Individuals can easily deepen their career research by matching their inventory results with references that are based on these same systems.
  • Includes streamlined instructions, an updated design, and a few modified pictures for greater clarity.
  • Can be given to groups or individuals.
  • Available in print or online.
  • Includes a free Administrator's Guide, PICS Careers Locator, and PICS Career Planning Worksheet.


In a survey of 2,098 individuals who completed this inventory online:

  • 89% felt informed about the occupations that may be a good fit for their interests.
  • 96% said the inventory was easy to complete.
Digital Version of the Picture Interest Career Survey

Administer the Inventory in Print or Online

Select the format that works best for your clients’ or students' needs. The print version is ideal for in-person meetings and workshops and can be a helpful reference tool during one-on-one discussions.

The online version offers automated scoring and allows individuals to complete the inventory at home at their convenience. Results are immediately saved and provided to administrators. This option is ideal for serving or advising individuals who are unable to meet face-to-face.

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