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Copyright: 2021 | Pages: 800

Authors: Skye A. McKennon, PharmD, BCPS; and Sara B. Alvarez, PharmD, MS, BCPS; and Jennifer Danielson, PharmD, MBA, CDE

As the most in-depth pharmacology courseware designed specifically for pharmacy technicians, this program provides students with the key concepts and pharmacology information required to succeed in the pharmacy. Students will develop an understanding of drug classes and the mechanisms of action for many drugs. They will also gain insight into why certain drugs are prescribed for particular disease states and obtain instruction for making informed, intelligent decisions when dispensing drugs.

Pharmacology for Technicians is integrated in Cirrus, a cloud-based learning environment designed to elevate student success and improve instructor efficiency.

Unit 1. Introduction to Pharmacology
Chapter 1: The Profession of Pharmacy
Chapter 2: Pharmaceutical Development
Chapter 3: Pharmacology Study for the Pharmacy Technician
Chapter 4: Medication Safety and Prescription Orders

Unit 2. Body Systems and Corresponding Drug Therapies
Chapter 5 The Integumentary System and Drug Therapy
Chapter 6: The Musculoskeletal System
Chapter 7: The Nervous System, Central Nervous System Disorders, and Drug Therapy
Chapter 8: The Nervous System, Mental Health and Drug Therapy
Chapter 9: The Sensory System and Drug Therapy
Chapter 10: The Cardiovascular System and Drug Therapy
Chapter 11: The Respiratory System and Drug Therapy
Chapter 12: The Gastrointestinal System and Drug Therapy
Chapter 13: The Endocrine System and Drug Therapy
Chapter 14: The Reproductive System and Drug Therapy
Chapter 15: The Renal System and Drug Therapy

Unit 3. Community Pharmacy Practice
Chapter 16: The Immune System, Antibiotics, and Drug Therapy
Chapter 17: The Immune System, Antivirals, and Drug Therapy
Chapter 18: Pain, Anesthesia, and Drug Therapy
Chapter 19: Nutrition, Fluids, and Electrolytes and Drug Therapy
Chapter 20: Cancer and Drug Therapy

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Key Features and Benefits

Key Features

  • Alignment with the updated ASHP/ACPE Accreditation Standards for Pharmacy Technician Education and Training Programs and ASHP's Model Curriculum for Pharmacy Technician Education and Training Programs, Fifth Edition
  • Updated organization and new chapter presenting pharmacology-specific study skills
  • Complete course integration with LTI-supported learning management systems, including Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, and Moodle
  • Updated drug information, including side effects, contraindications, cautions and considerations, and drug interactions
  • Exploration of complementary and alternative therapies
  • Coverage of professionalism, soft skills, and cultural awareness
  • Available companion workbook with additional practice
  • Auxiliary Labels provide a visual cue for the cautions and considerations associated with certain drugs.
  • Drug Tables highlight important drug information, such as pronunciation, dosage form, and dispensing status.
  • Figures illustrate body systems and pharmacology concepts to aid visual learners.
  • Chapter summaries review key points.
  • Key terms are defined both in context and within a full glossary.
    Drug List provides a list of all the drugs discussed in the chapter, grouped by drug type.
  • Automatically scored reviews and assessments are available in Cirrus.
  • Practice Tip gives additional tips that relate anatomy and physiology to coding.
  • Pharm Facts offer trivia related to the field of pharmacology.
  • Put Down Roots provides word etymology tips to help students understand and remember terms.
  • Work Wise focuses on professional habits and soft skills in the workplace.
  • Safety Alert focuses on unusual/harmful drug effects, look-alike/sound-alike drugs and drug interactions.
  • Name Exchange focuses on the names of generic drugs and their corresponding brand names.
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Cirrus™ 2.0 for Pharmacology for Technicians, Seventh Edition

Pharmacology for Technicians, Seventh Edition, powered by the Cirrus platform, integrates seamlessly with Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, and Moodle.

To strengthen student understanding, Cirrus provides interactive, independent learning experiences, including:

  • self-assessment opportunities
  • critical-thinking, application, and research activities
  • quizzes and exams

New Watch and Learn Lessons include video and text to help students comprehend concepts or develop skills. Course content is delivered in a series of scheduled assignments that report to a grade book, thus tracking student progress and achievement.

PTCE Exam Review from PharmCon freeCE

Access to PTCE Exam Review from PharmCon freeCE

Included with all of Paradigm’s Pharmacy Technician titles, this tool generates personalized study plans based on each student’s individual strengths and knowledge gaps. The PTCE Exam Review from PharmCon freeCE helps students identify the fastest path to a passing score and even indicates when they are ready to pass—taking the guesswork out of PTCE study.

PTCE Exam Review from PharmCon freeCE features:

  •  Optimized PTCE-aligned content
  •  Award-winning adaptive learning technology
  •  ReadySCORE proprietary exam readiness indicator
  •  700+ multiple-choice questions
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Instructor Resources in Cirrus

Instructor Resources in Cirrus

Utilize our free instructor resources that include:

  • course-planning guidelines
  • syllabus models
  • teaching hints and activities
  • quizzes and exams
  • answer keys
  • instructor rubrics
  • handouts
  • and more!