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Copyright: 2021 | Pages: 822

Authors: Skye A. McKennon, PharmD, BCPS, and Robert J. Anderson, PharmD

As part of Paradigm's Pharmacy Technician Series, this courseware provides students with comprehensive instruction on pharmacy technician practice along with coverage of business operations in a community pharmacy, infection control in the hospital, professionalism and ethics in the workplace, and advanced pharmacy technician careers.

Students will gain insight on healthcare reform, pharmacology, e-prescribing, informatics, pharmacy automation systems, medication safety initiatives, innovative drug delivery systems, and medication therapy management services.

Pharmacy Practice for Technicians is integrated in Cirrus, a cloud-based learning environment designed to elevate student success and improve instructor efficiency.

Unit 1. Principles of Pharmacy Practice
1. The Profession of Pharmacy
2. Pharmacy Law, Regulations, and Standards
3. Drug and Supplement Development

Unit 2. Introduction to Pharmacy Skills
4. Introducing Pharmacology
5. Routes of Drug Administration and Dosage Formulations
6. Pharmacy Measurements and Calculations

Unit 3. Community Pharmacy Practice
7. Community Pharmacy Dispensing
8. Prescription Drug Insurance in Health Care
9. The Business of Community Pharmacy
10. Extemporaneous, Nonsterile Compounding

Unit 4. Institutional Pharmacy Practice
11. Hospital Pharmacy Dispensing
12. Infection Control, Aseptic Technique, and Cleanroom Facilities
13. Sterile and Hazardous Compounding

Unit 5. Professionalism in the Pharmacy
14. Medication Safety
15. Professional Performance, Communication, and Ethics
16. Your Future in Pharmacy Practice

Appendix A. Common Pharmacy Abbreviations and Acronyms

Appendix B. ASHP/ACPE Accreditation Standards

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Key Features and Benefits

Key Features

  • Premium content that aligns to the updated ASHP/ACPE Model Curriculum for Pharmacy Technician Education and Training Programs, Fifth Edition.
  • New features include:
    • information on point-of-care testing
    • easy-to-follow calculations and alligation examples
    • updated information on new drugs and generics
    • real-world highlighted incidents
    • emphasis on career advancement and practice specialties
    • updates for USP Chapters <795>, <797>, and <800> on hazardous compounding
    • Cutting-edge topics like the ASHP Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) and the technician's role on a healthcare team, software interoperability, green pharmacy, emergency preparedness, and others.
    • Complete course content can be easily integrated with LTI-supported learning management systems, including Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, and Moodle.
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Cirrus™ 2.0 for Pharmacy Practice for Technicians, Seventh Edition

Pharmacy Practice for Technicians, Seventh Edition, powered by the Cirrus platform, integrates seamlessly with Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, and Moodle.

To strengthen student understanding, Cirrus provides interactive, independent learning experiences, including:

  • self-assessment opportunities
  • critical-thinking, application, and research activities
  • quizzes and exams

New Watch and Learn Lessons include video and text to help students comprehend concepts or develop skills. Course content is delivered in a series of scheduled assignments that report to a grade book, thus tracking student progress and achievement.

PTCE Exam Review from PharmCon freeCE

Access to PTCE Exam Review from PharmCon freeCE

Included with all of Paradigm’s Pharmacy Technician titles, this tool generates personalized study plans based on each student’s individual strengths and knowledge gaps. The PTCE Exam Review from PharmCon freeCE helps students identify the fastest path to a passing score and even indicates when they are ready to pass—taking the guesswork out of PTCE study.

PTCE Exam Review from PharmCon freeCE features:

  •  Optimized PTCE-aligned content
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  •  700+ multiple-choice questions
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Instructor Resources in Cirrus

Instructor Resources in Cirrus

Utilize our free instructor resources that include:

  • course-planning guidelines
  • syllabus models
  • teaching hints and activities
  • quizzes and exams
  • answer keys
  • instructor rubrics
  • handouts
  • and more!