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About the Inventory

Author: John J. Liptak, EdD
© 2015

Individuals can explore and plan three major areas of their life—work, leisure activities, and learning—with this inventory.

Individuals will reflect on 128 activities and consider their past, present, and future interest in them. Scores connect to 16 career interest areas with related jobs, education and training options, and leisure activities listed for each interest area.

Additional information helps individuals focus on their top interest areas as they ponder their future plans.

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Step two of the Career Exploration Inventory

Key Features and Benefits

  • Incorporates a developmental format not used in other interest inventories. The CEI measures individuals' past, present, and future interests. By reflecting on the interests they have developed over time, individuals are able to plan for the future.
  • Supports individuals in the career planning process. Individuals taking the CEI proceed through eight steps that enable them to fully understand the results, identify and explore their interests, research other sources of information, and develop an action plan for implementing their career choices.
  • Utilizes the 16 interest clusters used by the Department of Education and the New Guide for Occupational Exploration. The CEI also uses information from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET).
  • Guides individuals through a self-administered, self-scored, and self-interpreted process that includes immediate feedback concerning individuals' interests.
  • Includes a free Workshop Manual and Professional Manual.
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