Medical Terminology: Connecting through Language

About the Courseware

Copyright: 2017 | Pages: 730​

Author: Ebony S. Lawrence

Medical Terminology: Connecting through Language is written for students who are preparing for a variety of professional and paraprofessional careers in the medical field, particularly for careers related to direct patient care and support services.

This courseware integrates anatomy, physiology, and pathology information for each body system with exercises and activities designed to ensure that healthcare careers students build a strong foundation in medical terminology.

Chapter 1 Word Structures
Chapter 2 Body Organization and Healthcare Terminology
Chapter 3 The Integumentary System
Chapter 4 The Musculoskeletal System
Chapter 5 The Nervous System
Chapter 6 The Special Senses
Chapter 7 The Respiratory System
Chapter 8 The Cardiovascular System
Chapter 9 Hematology
Chapter 10 The Lymphatic System
Chapter 11 The Digestive System
Chapter 12 The Urinary System
Chapter 13 The Endocrine System
Chapter 14 The Male Reproductive System
Chapter 15 The Female Reproductive System
Chapter 16 Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum
Appendix A Answer Keys
Appendix B Word Parts
Appendix C Abbreviations List

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Courseware Features

Courseware Features

  • Each chapter immediately presents the most essential information in an easy-to-understand format. Students learn the most important information first.
  • Students encounter word structure fundamentals in the first chapter and learn the skills necessary to analyze and understand new words.
  • Chapter 2 introduces essential body organization and healthcare terminology that will play a role within all subsequent chapters.
  • Chapters 3-16 focus on body systems and necessary anatomy and physiology concepts, conditions, clinical tests and examinations, and treatments, offering students ample practice and application opportunities.
  • The cloud-based Cirrus learning environment assembles all student and instructor resources in one easy-to-access location.

Cirrus™ 2.0 for Medical Terminology

This courseware includes access to Cirrus, a cloud-based
learning environment designed to elevate student success and improve instructor efficiency.

Cirrus seamlessly delivers complete course content, which students can access anytime, anywhere from PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks.

To strengthen student understanding, Cirrus provides interactive, independent learning experiences, including online activities, quizzes, practice problems, flash cards, exams, and assessments. New Watch and Learn Lessons include video and text to help students clearly comprehend concepts or develop skills.

  • A variety of engaging activities to support student learning of chapter concepts, including end-of-chapter exercises, an interactive glossary with pronunciations, flash cards, web projects, interactive games, and practice assessments.
  • Pronunciation Coach: Students can practice and perfect their pronunciation of medical terms using this exciting interactive tool.
Instructor Resouces

Instructor Support

A suite of tools and information in Cirrus helps instructors easily and effectively build and manage their courses.

  • Course and chapter planning tools include syllabus examples and chapter lessons and activities.
  • PowerPoint slides highlight key points of chapter content.
  • Handouts correspond with chapter content.
  • Simple, adaptable instructor rubrics for higher level learning exercises include presentations, discussions, short answer questions, and short essays.