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Job Survival Workbook

Job Survival Workbook


Edition: 3

Copyright: 2010

Pages: 208

Some people just have a hard time keeping their jobs. Dixie Lee Wright refers to them as "individuals with different needs than the average worker." People with different job needs do not lose their jobs because they cannot do them; they lose their jobs because they cannot adjust to the working environment, and they don't survive on the job long enough to prove their worth. What's more frustrating is that failure results from basic behaviors that are easily improved.

This special workbook is for those with different job needs. It teaches readers how to adjust to their workplaces and retain their jobs. It covers the basic job retention topics, including attitude, skills, goals, problem solving, stress, following rules, and having good habits and manners.


New content for this edition includes updated material throughout, additional workplace scenarios in each chapter, and a new chapter that addresses how to keep a job in tough economic climates.


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