Quickly Build Skills for Success

The 100% Series is designed for learners to easily develop skills to take beyond the classroom.

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

100% Financial Literacy: A Student's Guide to Personal Finances develops the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for learners to manage their personal finances both now and into the future. Using topic-based case studies, this book guides learners through real-world applications that allows students to apply concepts to their own lives.

Topics include:

  • Personal banking
  • Financial aid
  • Budgeting
  • Credit cards
  • Taxes
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Information Literacy

Information Literacy

100% Information Literacy: A Critical Thinking Approach to Academic and Professional Success develops the crucial information skills required to succeed in both the classroom and the workplace using hands-on learning activities and real-world applications.

The text guides learners through:

  • Understanding the extent of information needed to solve a problem
  • Accessing information effectively
  • Evaluating information
  • Using information for a specific purpose
  • Communicating information effectively and legally
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Job Search Success

100% Job Search Success: You're Hired! helps learners structure their approach to the job search process and understand how to use the latest workforce tools.

Topics include:

  • Researching an industry
  • Creating a portfolio
  • Networking: online and traditional
  • Interviewing tips
  • Soft skills focused on adult learners
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Student Success

100% Student Success: Strategies for Succeeding in College uses self-assessment questions and exercises to teach strategies for academic achievement and critical thinking skills to take students through life.

Topics include:

  • Goal-setting
  • Time management
  • Work/life balance
  • Note-taking
  • Communication skills
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