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Print and Digital Covers of Seguin’s COMPUTER Concepts & Applications

About the Courseware

This courseware combines a broad understanding of computing equipment and hardware and in-depth exploration of various applications for personal and professional use to prepare students for the digital world. The concepts, basic tools, and skills students learn in this extended course will help them succeed in their academic and professional lives.

In Seguin’s COMPUTER Concepts, Fourth Edition, students learn the essentials of computer hardware, software, internet connectivity, social media, and security and privacy issues related to technology.

In Seguin’s COMPUTER Applications for Microsoft 365, students learn about Microsoft Windows, web browsers, and the Office productivity suite, as well as cloud computing alternatives to the traditional desktop suite.

Copyright: 2023

Author: Denise Seguin, Fanshawe College

Seguin's COMPUTER Concepts, Fourth Edition

  1. Living in a Digital World
  2. Exploring the World Using the Internet
  3. Computer Hardware
  4. The Operating System and Utility Programs
  5. Application Software
  6. Using Social Media to Connect and Communicate
  7. Computer Security and Privacy

Seguin's COMPUTER Applications for Microsoft 365

  1. Using Windows 11 and Managing Files
  2. Navigating and Searching the Web
  3. Exploring Office Essentials
  4. Using OneNote
  5. Communicating and Scheduling Using Outlook
  6. Creating, Editing, and Formatting Word Documents
  7. Enhancing a Document with Special Features
  8. Creating, Editing, and Formatting Excel Worksheets
  9. Inserting Functions and Enhancing an Excel Worksheet
  10. Creating, Editing, and Formatting a PowerPoint Presentation
  11. Enhancing a Presentation with Multimedia and Animation Effects
  12. Using and Querying an Access Database
  13. Creating a Table, Form, and Report in Access
  14. Integrating Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access Content
  15. Using Office for the Web and OneDrive
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Drive Student Success with Cirrus™ 2.0

Seguin's COMPUTER Concepts & Applications for Microsoft 365, powered by Paradigm’s Cirrus platform, integrates seamlessly with Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, and Moodle. Students and educators can access all course material anytime, anywhere through a live internet connection. Cirrus delivers students the same learning experience whether they are using a PC, Mac, or Chromebook.

Course content is digitally delivered in a series of scheduled assignments that report to a grade book, thus tracking student progress and achievement through Cirrus’s complete solution.

Dynamic Training

This courseware includes the following interactive assignments to guide student learning.

  • Watch and Learn Lessons 
  • Guide and Practice Tutorials 
  • Hands On Activities 

Section Review and Assessment Activities

Cirrus reinforces and assesses student learning through the following section activities.

  • Hands on Practice Activities
  • Exercises and Projects
  • Features Summary
  • Skills Review
  • Skills Assessment
  • Skills Exams
  • Multiple-choice Concept Exams
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Instructor Resources for Seguin's COMPUTER Concepts & Applications

All instructor resources are available through Cirrus and visible only to instructors. The instructor materials include the following items:

  • Grading rubrics for evaluating responses to chapter assessments
  • Lesson blueprints with teaching hints, lecture tips, and discussion questions
  • Syllabus suggestions and course planning resources
  • Topic-based quizzes
  • Chapter-based exams
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