View the following videos to explore Paradigm's Cirrus 2.0 platform. 

If you have additional questions about Cirrus 2.0, please contact your Paradigm team.

Screenshot of the online course, Marquee Series: Microsoft 365 Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint

[Video] Cirrus 2.0 for Microsoft 365

In this one-hour video, you'll learn about how to use Cirrus 2.0 to develop students' skills in Microsoft 365 applications. The video covers Microsoft's new features, as well as improvements Paradigm has made to its instructional content and platform. In addition, the video provides an overview of the variety of activities you can use and the features and benefits of Cirrus 2.0. The video also includes insight about how Paradigm will support you and your students to ensure you have a smooth and successful experience.

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Login Screen for Cirrus 2.0 featuring a male student completing coursework

[Video] Registration in Cirrus 2.0

In nearly three minutes, this video provides a short overview on the registration process inside Paradigm’s Cirrus 2.0 platform. This process is required for all users who are not using Inclusive Access. We encourage educators to include a link to this video in their syllabus.

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