Three people studying gathering around a laptop computer

Our Mission

At Paradigm, we see diversity as an opportunity to create innovative and inclusive solutions to support learners where they are and to provide comprehensive tools for the facilitators guiding them. Our products have been intentionally crafted with you in mind and our smaller corporate footprint allows us to pivot to meet your unique needs.

A Division of Kendall Hunt
As a division of Kendall Hunt, we are one of the nation's leading providers of learning solutions in computer technology, health careers, business technology, and career and life skills. Our solutions are used in hundreds of colleges, schools, correctional facilities, and workforce programs throughout the United States, Canada, and around the world.

Two students learning in a classroom

Our Impact

Today’s learning environment is rapidly changing. Educators, practitioners, and learners need support and flexible solutions more than ever. As a division of Kendall Hunt Publishing, Paradigm strives to deliver teaching and learning experiences that are highly effective, accessible, equitable, and aligned to industry standards and employers’ expectations.

Chad Chandlee, President and Chief Operating Officer
Kendall Hunt Publishing