About the O*NET Picture Interest Profiler

About the O*NET Picture Interest Profiler

Author: Lynn R. Dowd
© 2020

The O*NET Picture Interest Profiler (OPIP) is a video-based interest inventory that provides visual context for career decision-making. It enables individuals to accurately identify their interests and the jobs and careers they may wish to explore further.

The OPIP is based on Holland's RIASEC interest model and is delivered on a flash drive. The 25-minute video includes 66 narrated questions that describe activities people do on their jobs. Individuals choose the jobs they like based upon both the interest statement and what they see depicted in the job. The interest code generated from their responses then becomes the starting point for exploration into jobs and careers.

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The OPIP includes:

  • an administration manual
  • a video interest inventory
  • reproducible materials
  • a workbook
  • an answer sheet
  • exploration forms
  • an O*NET job listing booklet

The OPIP includes four phases:


  • Take the O*NET Picture Interest Profiler
  • Summarize your top interests


  • Determine what your interests mean
  • Identify your Summary Code
  • Use your Summary Code to review related jobs
  • Identify jobs that are of interest


  • Choose top jobs
  • Gather more detailed information about the jobs


  • Consider your research and what you have learned
  • Contemplate your next steps
  • Commit to a course of action
  • Confirm your interests
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Request a Sample or Quote

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