About the Courseware

About the Courseware

Copyright: 2019 | Pages: 590

Authors: Kathleen Villani and James B. Rosa

Computerized Accounting with QuickBooks® 2018 teaches accountant and non-accountant students how to use QuickBooks, one of the most popular general ledger software packages available. Through step-by-step explanations and hands-on exercises, students get ample opportunities to practice and master accounting concepts.

After completing the courseware, students will understand how to create a company file, run accounts receivable and accounts payable, manage time-tracking and payroll, track inventory and fixed assets, manage budgets, maintain ledgers and journals, and create reports.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 QuickBooks 2018
Chapter 2 Vendors
Chapter 3 Customers
Chapter 4 Period-End Procedures
Chapter 5 Inventory
Chapter 6 New Company Setup'Detailed Start
Chapter 7 New Company Setup'Express Start
Chapter 8 Payroll Setup
Chapter 9 Payroll Processing
Chapter 10 Banking
Chapter 11 Jobs and Time-Tracking
Chapter 12 Customization of Your Company File

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Courseware Features

Courseware Features

This courseware includes SNAP for QuickBooks, a learning management system for QuickBooks 2018 that provides:

  • Easy access to the student eBook, instructions for getting started, company files, and a glossary.
  • A sophisticated gradebook and powerful scheduling and analytics tools.
  • Chapter-based multiple-choice quizzes and exams with automatic feedback and gradebook entry.
  • Chapter-based video tutorials, each followed by a short quiz to assess comprehension.
  • File management tools to collect homework submissions.
  • Automatic feedback, scoring, and gradebook entry for Excel reports created in the end-of-chapter case problems.
  • LTI connectivity to integrate courseware with popular learning management systems.

As students complete the courseware they will:

  • Understand differences and similarities between a manual accounting system and computerized accounting with QuickBooks 2018.
  • Learn how to operate QuickBooks 2018 by entering common business transactions in the appropriate activity windows using sample company data and building their own company file.
  • Gain helpful hints and identify key accounting terms, which are included in the textbook margins.
  • Receive immediate reinforcement of accounting concepts and apply their skills through practice exercises.
  • Learn about behind-the-scenes accounting automated by QuickBooks 2018.
Instructor Resources

Instructor Resources

All instructor resources are available digitally through a web-based eBook. The instructor materials include:

  • Planning resources, such as lesson blueprints, teaching hints, and sample course syllabi.
  • Presentation resources, such as PowerPoint presentations with lecture notes.
  • Assessment resources, including PDF model answers for chapter work and end-of-chapter activities, answer keys for evaluating student work, and chapter-based exam banks.