Exploring Electronic Health Records, Second Edition

This up-to-date and approachable courseware teaches students about electronic health records across a variety of delivery systems, making it ideal for all allied health students, regardless of their career focus.

Introduction to Health Information Management

This courseware provides students with a comprehensive and engaging look at the responsibilities and opportunities available in healthcare management today.

The program explores HIM roles in inpatient, outpatient, and specialty care settings, including long-term and rehabilitative care; offers up-to-date information on electronic health records; and examines the impact of EHRs on the healthcare environment.

Navigating ICD-10 Coding

This learning solution introduces students to Clinical Modification and Procedure Coding in a unique side-by-side approach that highlights how the code classification systems work together.

Deciphering Procedural Coding

This in-depth, engaging courseware gives students the information and skills they need to understand Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) coding.

Clear and concise anatomy and physiology examples and practice coding exercises guide students in learning the skills required to become a CPT® coder.

Emergency & Disaster Preparedness for Health Professionals, Second Edition

Being prepared to respond to natural disasters, terrorist events, and contagious diseases has become an important competency for health information professionals. Yet most instructors wonder: “What do my students need to know?”

This courseware features a special eChapter for health information professionals and distills the essential, cutting-edge information about how communities and healthcare facilities prepare and manage the response processes, meeting federal guidelines.

What Language Does Your Patient Hurt In?

With this learning solution, you can help your students better understand how to provide culturally competent patient care. They will learn about the different communication styles of prevalent ethnic groups and how each culture commonly relays and receives information.

Using Computers in the Medical Office 2016

With coverage of Microsoft Office 2016, this courseware teaches the essential features of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint within a medical office context.

Medical Terminology Pocket Guide

This reference guide is an ideal tool for students enrolled in health career courses. It is designed for quick and convenient access to prefixes, suffixes, combining forms, and other important medical terms.