The Keystroke Video activity demonstrates the hand positions and finger movements required to properly key a specific character. Click here to see how to launch an activity.

To Complete a Video Activity

STEP 1: Launch a Video activity. The Video is shown on the screen and will begin playing automatically.

STEP 2: At the top of the screen are directions to follow. Read the directions and begin practicing the keystrokes demonstrated in the video.

STEP 3: Click the Keyboard Hints button on the right side of the page to view a keyboard graphic that details what keystrokes you are learning.

STEP 4: When you are finished, click the End Practice button.

STEP 5: Use the Next, Previous and Repeat buttons on the right side of the page to navigate between exercises.

Document Activities with Video

Activities 34.1 and 61.1 are demo video tutorial for on how to complete Document Activities. This includes launching the document activity that opens your Microsoft Word app to complete the exercise, checking and review, WPM and goals, and submission for grade scoring.

Click the Launch Video button shown in the middle of the page.


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