The Keystroke Video activities demonstrate the hand positions and finger movements required to properly key a specific character. When a Keystroke Video activity is opened, the video begins automatically and runs indefinitely. Begin by keying the characters demonstrated in the video into the text box.

To launch a video

STEP 1: Navigate to the correct course or unit using the NAVIGATION pane on the left. Click the appropriate video link.

STEP 2: The specific videos launch page will appear. Click Preview.

STEP 3: The video will automatically start playing. Click the Keyboard Hints button on the right side of the page to view a keyboard graphic that details which keystrokes are being demonstrated.

STEP 4: You can practice the keystrokes being taught along with the video.

STEP 5: When you are finished, click the End Practice button.

STEP 7: Use the Next, Previous, and Repeat buttons to navigate between exercises.

No Credit !

If you move to another exercise without finishing the current one, you will not receive credit.

STEP 8: To return to the home page, click the Course Menu button.

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