Checked Document Activities – Focus on Formatting


A Checked Document Activity that focuses on formatting presents a preexisting Microsoft Word document and formatting of text using instructions found in the textbook. The textbook page number for the activity’s text is referenced in the directions.

STEP 1: Clicking the Launch Activity button opens the Word document.

STEP 2: When all keying and formatting called for in the instructions is complete, click the Check button.

STEP 3: The document is then corrected and a Result document is generated. While the correction is in the process, the Result button displays an embedded green progress bar that begins on the left of the button and continues across the button until the Result document is ready for review. The Result document shows what is different in the submitted document compared to a model answer.

STEP 4: Clicking the Submitted button returns to the Word document where the keystrokes were entered.

STEP 5: Clicking the Show Both button splits the screen and displays both the Submitted document and Result document in an over/under format. Corrections can be made to the Submitted document; it then can be checked again for errors.

STEP 6: Each time the Check button is clicked, errors are displayed. With each use of the Check button, the resulting error count, Submitted document and Result document are sent to the Online Lab. On the first use of the Check button, the score is calculated and added to the grade book.

Scoring is based on the total number of errors in the Submitted document compared to the total number of possible errors.

STEP 7: If the error count is not zero, the Submitted document should be corrected and rechecked. Using the Result document as a guide, correct the Submitted document for errors in spelling, deletions, insertions, and formatting. Subsequent Student Attempts at using the Check button send the error count, Submitted document, and the Result document to the Online Lab. By default, after the first attempt, the score is no longer calculated.

STEP 8: Click the Next button to advance to the next activity. All Student Attempts can be viewed from the Activity Info page by clicking on the Student Attempts:# link.

STEP 9: Please see the Checked Document Activity page to see how to preview a Document Activity and how review attempts. Keep in mind the only difference is that this type of Document Activity does not factor in a WPM score.

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