About the Courseware

Pages: 160 | Copyright: 2016

Authors: Faithe Wempen and Lisa A. Bucki

With Paradigm's Getting Started with Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge, your students will learn the essentials of the new (and world's most popular) operating system and web browser. This courseware teaches students how to use Windows 10 to accomplish basic tasks on a personal computer, such as running programs and managing files, as well as how to customize and maintain Windows. It also introduces them to the Microsoft Edge browser and shows them how to find information on the Internet. Your students will also learn how to access OneDrive, a secure online storage location, and how to use Office Online apps.

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Courseware Features

  • Pairs well with any of Paradigm's Microsoft application titles.
  • Supplements cover available updates: Bundle with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
  • SNAP 2016 develops students' understanding of email systems through hands-on practice, activities, and more.
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About SNAP 2016

SNAP is a web-based program offering an interactive venue for mastering computer skills. SNAP includes a learning management system with an adaptive learning platform to create a more individualized online learning experience. It also includes an online grade book; easy access to all course materials; interactive, automatically graded versions of the end-of-chapter Knowledge Check exercises; and course planning and delivery tools.

The SNAP course offers a quiz and exam for each chapter. It also provides an item bank for each chapter, which can be used to create custom quizzes and exams. Each quiz and exam item is aligned to a skill in the book. This pairing allows students to check their understanding and track their progress through the chapter quizzes, and instructors to assess student understanding through comparable'but unique'chapter exams.

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Interactive student resources
  • Precheck quizzes test students' knowledge of chapter content before they study the material. Students can use the results to help focus their study on the skills they need to learn.
  • Tutorials guide students through the steps for the skills and then allow them to practice on their own. These interactive tutorials include simple instructions and optional help.
  • Online Extras expand on the topics covered in the textbook. Students will read these brief summaries to discover additional features and functionality.
  • Recheck quizzes at the end of each chapter enable students to recheck their understanding of the chapter content. Students may recheck their understanding at any time and as many times as they wish.
  • A Workbook, included in the ebook, provides study tools (including PowerPoint presentations and Tips & Hints), exercises, and assessments to help students review the features and skills covered in each chapter.


Instructor Support

All instructor resources are available digitally through a web-based ebook. The materials are organized by type and also by chapter, and can be previewed from the eBook or downloaded.

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The instructor materials include the following items:

  • Answer keys and rubrics for evaluating responses to chapter exercises and assessments
  • Lesson blueprints with teaching hints, lecture tips, and discussion questions
  • Syllabus suggestions and course planning resources
  • PowerPoint presentations with lecture notes
  • Chapter-based quizzes and exams