Microsoft® Outlook® 365, 2019 Edition

Copyright: 2020

Authors Denise Seguin, Fanshawe College

The structure and content of Microsoft Outlook 365, 2019 Edition, offers an interactive, read-and-do approach to learning to manage four main Outlook components: Email, Calendar, People, and Tasks.

The ability to organize and manage information related to personal and professional activities is essential in today’s fast-paced world. This courseware helps students build information management skills along with confidence using Outlook, and review and assessment activities at the end of each chapter ensure they master the chapter topics.

Complete course content is delivered within Paradigm’s next-generation Cirrus™ learning environment.

Microsoft® Outlook 2016

Copyright: 2017

Authors Denise Seguin

Through an interactive, read-and-do approach students learn the essential features and skills using the Outlook email system, including its components. Its structure and content help students master its concepts and to confidently use the product on the job.

Courseware Features

  • Clear instruction and step-by-step exercises correspond with screen visuals help students reinforce the skills.
  • Marginalia features, including Quick Step summaries, provide moments for review and helpful hints.
  • Comprehensive chapter assessments require recall and test students’ application of the skills.
  • Tutorials cover skills in every chapter.
  • SNAP 2016 develops students’ understanding of email systems through hands-on practice, activities, and more.