Paradigm Announces Upcoming Release of the Barriers to Reentry Success Inventory

In September of 2021, Paradigm Education Solutions is releasing a new, third edition of the Barriers to Reentry Success Inventory (BRSI). Designed to prepare returning citizens for their reentry into society, this assessment helps returning citizens identify their concerns and potential barriers and develop proactive plans for overcoming them. As a revision of the previous edition, titled the Offender Reintegration Scale, this tool is self-scored, self-interpreted, and measures returning citizens’ concerns within the following scales:

  • Basic needs
  • Wellness
  • Family
  • Digital literacy
  • Career development
  • Job search

Key Features of the BRSI

  • Helps individuals in pre-release status develop an individualized re-entry success plan.
  • Incorporates empowering, humanizing, and inclusive language.
  • Includes a comprehensive administrator’s guide to help counselors, administrators, and corrections personnel use the BRSI effectively.
  • Provides a new scale on digital literacy to represent concerns about the increasing use of technology in society.
  • Features a new booklet format to make the assessment easier to complete and review.
  • Takes an average of 25 minutes to complete the profile.
  • Offers flexibility to administer individually or in groups.

Interested in using this assessment in your program? 
Contact your Paradigm account manager to request a sample and more information.