About the Courseware

About the 2020 Edition

Copyright: 2020

Authors: Faithe Wempen and Lisa A. Bucki

This courseware uses a simple, visual approach to teach the necessary skills for using the Windows 10 operating system and Microsoft Edge web browser, plus OneDrive and OneNote. It also introduces Microsoft Office applications, tools for creating screenshots, and the Snip & Sketch application.

This brief program helps students gain the proficiency needed to:

  • open and use applications
  • navigate between and within applications
  • manage files
  • get information from the internet
  • share files and information on a PC with Windows 10 installed
  • customize and maintain the Windows operating system

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introducing Windows 10
Chapter 2: Managing Files
Chapter 3: Getting Information from the Internet
Chapter 4: Using OneDrive and Office Online Apps
Chapter 5: Taking Screenshots and Using OneNote

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About the Cirrus Learning Environment

Cirrus is the next-generation learning solution for developing digital literacy skills. Cirrus seamlessly delivers complete course content to put students on the fast-track to success.

Cirrus provides access to all the Getting Started with Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge content, delivered in a series of scheduled assignments that report to a grade book to track student progress and achievement.

Dynamic Training

The courseware includes interactive resources to support learning.

  • Student Data Files needed to complete the course activities, review exercises, and assessments may be downloaded as a zipped file from the Course Resources section of the online course and are also provided within Cirrus activities as needed.
  • Guide and Practice Tutorials show students the steps needed to complete each skill and then allow students to practice on their own. These tutorials include simple instructions and optional help.
  • Online Extras expand on the topics covered in the chapters. Read these brief summaries to discover additional features and functionality.

Review and Assessment

  • Review and assessment activities in the Cirrus environment offer multiple opportunities to reinforce learning, apply skills, and check mastery. A Knowledge Check presents 10 multiple-choice questions on key concepts and features.
  • Skills Review exercises offer practice completing the skills.
  • Skills Application exercises provide more challenging practice, combining actions in a different order and applying them in a slightly different context, with less direction.
  • Skills Assessment offers an opportunity to apply skills in an engaging, real-world scenario without step by-step guidance. Each assessment includes an image showing
Additional Courseware Features

Additional Courseware Features

Getting Started with Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge provides clear instruction and hands-on practice to foster student success and skills development.

Courseware Based on Office Online and Office 365 Features

Both Microsoft Office Online and Microsoft Office 365 are continually updated. Specific features and functionality of Microsoft Office vary depending on the user's account, computer setup, and other factors. This edition of the Getting Started with Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge courseware was developed using features available in the 2019 version of Office Online and Office 365.

This courseware uses a visual, step-by-step, competency-based approach to teach the basic skills students need to use a PC running Windows 10 successfully at home, school, or work. Clear and concise text and screen captures teach essential concepts, features, and skills in an easy-to understand format.

  • A Skills You Learn list itemizes the tasks students will be able to accomplish at the end of the chapter.
  • A Files You Use section lists the student data files students will need to complete the skills in the chapter. A skill introduction describes the features and tasks students will explore in the skill.
  • Numbered steps and screen captures provide instant reinforcement to help students learn each skill quickly and easily.
  • Tips offer hints and troubleshooting advice.
  • Another Way features provide alternative methods for performing steps, including keyboard shortcuts.
  • Skill Extras offer additional information about the topics covered in a skill.
  • A Tasks Summary lists the key tasks covered in the chapter, along with the ribbon commands used to initiate them as well as shortcuts and alternative ways to perform them.
Instructor Resources in Cirrus

Instructor Resources

Cirrus tracks students' step-by-step interactions, giving instructors visibility into students' progress and missteps. In addition to these Cirrus-specific tools, other instructor materials are available. Accessed through Cirrus and visible only to instructors, the Instructor eResources for Getting Started with Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge include the following support:

  • Answer keys and rubrics for evaluating responses to chapter exercises and assessments
  • Lesson blueprints with teaching hints, lecture tips, and discussion questions
  • Syllabus suggestions and course planning resources
  • Chapter-based, multiple-choice exam banks in RTF format