Creating Solutions

Paradigm has partnered with EnGen to help institutions drive employment outcomes for immigrants, refugees, and English Language Learners.

Why EnGen?

EnGen is an online, mobile-friendly, career-focused platform for learning English. It delivers a wide range of career-specific content so that learners can quickly get the language skills needed to excel in career training programs. Powered by patented technology that has served over 4 million language learners worldwide, EnGen’s results speak for themselves. In a recent survey of EnGen learners, 95 percent said using the platform improved their confidence in using English and 87 percent reported achieving career goals, including pay raises and promotions.

A Certified B Corporation, EnGen offers:

  • personalized learning
  • adaptive technology
  • an easy-to-use, virtual platform
  • quick, scalable implementation
  • customer and learner support
  • hands-on instructor training and tools
  • career-specific instruction
  • real-world resources and content
  • custom content
  • multimedia tools, including videos, images, articles, and audio recordings
  • lessons for different proficiency levels
  • daily updates

Let's get started!

Connect with our business development specialists to set up a demo. Paradigm and EnGen are ready to help your organization launch or improve career pathway programs for non-English speaking individuals.

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