Benchmark Series: Microsoft Access 365, 2019 Edition

Copyright: 2020

Authors Nita Rutkosky; Audrey Roggenkamp, Pierce College Puyallup; and Ian Rutkosky, Pierce College Puyallup; Jan Davidson

Pages: Levels 1 & 2: 568 | Level 1: 304 | Level 2: 280

With the Benchmark Series, students learn Microsoft® Access, including how to use the data-rich management software to track, report, and share information. This courseware, offered in two levels of instruction, teaches students how to create and modify tables, perform queries, and plan and publish database information to achieve a mastery skill level of Access. A hierarchy of learning assessments tests students’ problem-solving and analyzing skills.

Benchmark Series: Microsoft® Access 365, 2019 Edition: Levels 1 & 2 cover Microsoft® Office Specialist certification exam objectives.

Benchmark Series: Microsoft Access 2016

Copyright: 2017

Authors Nita Rutkosky, Pierce College Puyallup; Denise Seguin, Fanshawe College; Jan Davidson, Lambton College; Audrey Roggenkamp, Pierce College Puyallup; and Ian Rutkosky, Pierce College Puyallup

With this courseware, students build mastery skills in Access 2016. Students receive step-by-step instructions in creating, formatting and maintaining databases to report and analyze information. A three-level instructional approach moves students from initial modeling of skills to guided application in projects-based exercises to independent problem solving in realistic workplaces.

Courseware Features

  • Create database tables to organize business or personal records.
  • Modify and manage tables to ensure that data is accurate and up to date.
  • Perform queries to assist with decision making.
  • Plan, research, create, revise, and publish database information to meet specific communication needs.
  • Given a workplace scenario requiring the reporting and analysis of data, assess the information requirements and then prepare the materials that achieve the goal efficiently and effectively.