Flip the Accounting Classroom. Engage students. Relax.

Studies show that students often skip doing the out-of-class reading that’s required before lectures begin. Now, there’s a learning solution that incentivizes accounting students to do their pre-class work.

The AME Engage™ technology platform and its corresponding accounting courseware flips the classroom, challenging students to complete pre-class tutorials and allowing educators to track their progress.

The Accounting Map™

When first learning accounting, the concept of transactions can be relatively abstract.

The Accounting Map™ is a patented, visual representation of the balance sheet and income statement that brings significant clarity to accounting transactions. The Accounting Map™ is integrated into a set of interactive online tutorials, allowing students to accelerate their understanding of accounting concepts.

In-progress feedback and testing allows students to correct mistakes and build confidence before progressing to the next tutorial.

Powerful tutorials

AME Engage™ provides a large set of interactive, engaging tutorials that allow students to learn at their own pace–before class–with guided feedback and audio/visual markers for instruction, success, and failure.

Use AME Engage™ in or outside of class.

These tutorials are a great tool for learning outside of the classroom, but they can also be an invaluable strategic tool inside the classroom. The interactive tutorials progress with the curriculum, and are a highly useful tool for illustrating difficult and complex concepts.

Online homework hub

The online homework management system offers a robust framework for assigning, monitoring, and tracking student homework. It also helps educators identify key performance indicators and use this knowledge to adapt lesson plans and teaching strategies.

Need more?

Educators looking for new case studies, PowerPoints, or example sets, can ask their complimentary AME Assistant™ to build and curate whatever they need.

PowerPoint library and question database

We know how valuable comprehensive teaching resources are to educators. That’s why we package our resources with a full database of PowerPoint slides, each illustrating key accounting concepts, and directly tied to chapter lessons.

Pick and choose your questions.

Looking to build a test or exam? We provide a full database of static and algorithmic questions. Don’t have time? We offer a complimentary AME Assistant™ to build what’s needed.

Your curriculum, your way

Our online platform allows educators to customize their course down to the smallest detail, from the weighting and balancing of grades, to curriculum progression, to chapter, tutorial, and assignment deadlines and specifications.